About Bit Parrot

I created this application to track important information that was in numerous places, and took too much time to stay on top of ... and I also like building apps. So rather than manually tracking all of this nefarious info I created an app to do it for me. You are welcome to use it as well.

In the future I plan to create an email that sends out information gathered by the app, so you don't need to go to this site to get updates.

The code is open-sourced see it on GitHub.

The app uses these nifty things:

  • Ruby on Rails (Rails 5)
  • Bootstrap 3 and Haml, because life is too short to use ERB
  • A nifty template from Hoarrd called Drunken Parrot, for the style and parrot and some images
  • Twitter API, for now
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    Michelle Bonat

    Developer, great parking karma.